Culture Heritage Best Tour

Day 1

APT – Negombo
15 Km approx.
30 min drive

Spend the first day seeing Negombo’s famed St. Mary and Katuwapitiya churches after arriving at the airport and freshening up. These churches are highly distinctive because of their unique qualities and history, which leads to fascinating historical stories. And the night-time stay is at Negombo, where you can get a full sense of the Negombo lagoons.

Day 2

Negombo – Anuradhapura
180 Km approx.
4 Hrs drive

After a relaxing night in Negombo’s lagoons, the second day is spent traveling to Thalawila Church in Puttalam (122km/3 hours from Negombo) on the way to Anuradhapura.

Whatever faith you practice, St Anne’s Church in Thalawila is one of the most historic and beautiful Christian sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. Founded in the heart of tradition and sanctity, hundreds of pilgrims gather in this beautiful sanctuary of isolation and peace throughout the Christmas season, as well as in March and August. Talawila Beach is easily accessible, with adequate roads, and gives some spectacular views of the sea in solitude.

Day 3

Anuradhapura – Mannar – Anuradhpura
250 Km approx.
6 Hrs drive

After spending the night at War Heritages in Anuradhapura and waking up to the beautiful sunrise over the tall stupas in Anuradhapura, followed by breakfast, you are routed to visit Madhu Church, also known as The Shrine of Our Lady of Madhu or Our Lady of The Rosary of Madhu, is a Roman Catholic Marian shrine in the Mannar district of Sri Lanka. With a history dating back over 400 years, this shrine serves as a place of pilgrimage and devotion for Sri Lankan Catholics. The location is revered by both Tamil and Sinhalese Catholics as the holiest Catholic shrine on the island.

Day 4

Anuradhpura – Colombo
220 Km approx.
5 Hrs drive

After spending the last two nights in Anuradhapura, we return to Colombo by seeing Thewatta Church and St. Anthony’s Church at the end of the journey. As well as an overnight stay in Colombo before to leaving.

Day 5

Colombo – APT
40 Km approx.
1 Hrs drive

We offer you farewell as our Chauffeur Guide transports you to the airport for your return flight home, for all good things must come to an end.